Facets of Type: Activities to Develop the Type Preferences
Authors: Gary Hartzler and Margaret Hartzler
Format: Booklet (Saddlestitch)
Pages: 48
ISBN: 0-9743751-7-9
Publish Date: August 4, 2004

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Gary Hartzler started his work in type as a manager and organization development consultant in 1976. He was on the founding board of directors for the Association for Psychological Type as the vice-president for management and organization development. He was a member of the Myers’ J-team, the research team that first defined the subscales and facets of type. Gary has authored or co-authored six books and many articles on the use of type and type development.

Margaret Hartzler began her work on type in 1977 doing research for her masters and Ph.D. that involved type. With her husband, Gary Hartzler, and Kathy Myers, she formed an organization in 1983 that developed and offered the first publicly advertised Professional MBTI® Qualifying Program. Since then she has facilitated more qualifying programs around the world than any other person. She has seventeen years of experience designing and delivering a variety of training programs using type and has authored or co-authored seven books about how to use type theory.


“Gary and Margaret have done an excellent job of providing concrete and practical steps and exercises for making the ‘facets’ of type understandable and useful in one’s personal development or as a professional working with others with the MBTI® Step II instrument. Bravo and congratulations on the down-to-earth approach.”
— Otto Kroeger
Founding Partner, OKA, and co-author of Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work

“Practical, effective, straightforward. Margaret and Gary Hartzler take the confusion out of using the MBTI® Step II facets with elegant simplicity. Their wealth of knowledge in the field is cleverly portrayed by their careful choice of words, and you can tell they had fun writing it! Facets of Type provides easily read directions and questions to enhance personal and interpersonal creativity and effectiveness. A welcome resource whose time has come.”
— Marci Segal
President, CreativityLand, Inc., and author of Creativity and Personality Type: Tools for Understanding and Inspiring the Many Voices of Creativity

“Facets of Type is an invaluable collection of ideas on how to develop each of the facets associated with our personality preferences. The descriptions are clear and succinct and the ideas are varied, imaginative, and easy to apply. This book is a practical guide and an inspiration for anyone seeking to facilitate their own development or the development of others.”
—Mary McGuiness
Director of the Institute for Type Development Australia and author of You’ve Got Personality

“Facets of Type makes type development easier than it’s ever been before. It almost looks like fun.”
— Susan Scanlon
Editor, The Type Reporter

“Facets of Type is an excellent practical personal development manual that also has enough substance to be part of the toolkit used by personal and executive coaches. Margaret and Gary Hartzler offer a compact set of useful tools. Little prior knowledge of type is needed to use the workbook checklists to identify both your predominant habits and what may be your needs for development.”
— Ross Reinhold
Editor, PersonalityPathways.com

“There is no other book like this in type literature. Facets of Type is a needed and impressive addition to type literature. Facets of Type, with its innovative exercises to develop our nonpreferred preferences, overflows with a genius of insight and presentation. This book offers practical and interesting step-by-step type activities.”
— Lynette Wood
President, Executive Solutions

“This booklet represents advancing type assessment and interpretation to a new platform and comes from two of the pioneers in helping human services practitioners apply Jung’s typology as a critical resource in improving personal, family, community, and organizational life. Margaret and Gary’s thoroughness is reflective of their dedication and belief in the remarkable value of this framework for people better understanding themselves and others.”
— Peter Noble
Principal, Peter Noble and Associates


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