8 Keys to Self-Leadership
From Awareness to Action
Author: Dario Nardi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 201
ISBN: 0-9719323-1-1
Publish Date: October 14, 2005

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Wouldn’t it be nice to know the keys to more
insightful perception and wiser decision making?

8 Keys to Self-Leadership shows you how to honor your natural talents and to stretch yourself into new areas while keeping that sense of learning and wonder you had as a child. In this book, you will be guided through the doors of self-awareness and shown how to unlock the eight ways to find greater satisfaction in all that you do.


“Turn any of Nardi’s keys to self-leadership and you will enter a rich new room of experience as you start to enjoy and develop the competence associated with that key. There is a whole house of understanding here for those who are willing to linger as the guest of this excellent teacher.”
JOHN BEEBE, Jungian analyst, author of Integrity in Depth

“Dario’s 8 Keys to Self-Leadership provides an engaging account of the eight functions of psychological type. Nardi challenges the reader to consider specific tactics and contextual cues for development. Whatever your view of psychological type, this work directs the focus of the reader to the source of leadership—you.”
ROGER PEARMAN, President, Qualifying.org, author of Hardwired Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Personality to Become a New Millennium Leader and I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You: The Real Meaning of the 16 Personality Types

“Succeeding in today’s complex business environment requires leaders with a diverse set of cognitive tools. 8 Keys to Self-Leadership expands our mental toolbox while offering powerful new tools for personal and professional growth. One of the most insightful books I’ve read in years.”
BRIAN ROBERTSON, CEO, Ternary Software


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