Perfecting Connecting: A Personal Guide for Mastering Networking in the Workplace
Author: Sarah Michel
Format: Booklet (Saddlestitch)
Pages: 32
ISBN: 0-9712144-9-2
Publish Date: May 14, 2004
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Networking has become the single most important life skill in determining business and personal success. Your ability to be connected within your organization and with outside contacts may very well determine your next sale, promotion, or job offer. Human beings—with their distinctive personality patterns and natural talents—or temperament—are unique! In this workbook, Sarah will share her unique approach to Perfecting Connecting® through the exploration of the Keirseyan Temperament theory. Sarah will show you how your temperament plays a role in consciously creating the connections you want in every world you touch. Worksheets are provided to explore and strategize your networking and improve your connections.


“Sarah’s new work is crisp, thoughtful and most importantly valuable. The content and the spirit will reach you—if you are willing to be reached.”
—Tim Sanders
Chief Solutions Officer, Yahoo! and New York Times bestselling author of Love Is the Killer App

“Sarah’s guide is for anyone interested in taking their networking relationships to the next level. It’s a quick, engaging read full of great strategies, results-oriented exercises, and helpful worksheets that truly assist you in becoming a better networker—something we all must do to succeed in the workplace.”
—Debra Fine
Author, The Fine Art of Small Talk

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Perfecting Connecting. Sarah has done a great job of representing the ‘true spirit of networking’ in a way that people of all temperaments can understand and relate. I believe her booklet will serve people in realizing that they have innate strengths that can help them be great connectors and networkers.”
—Donna Fisher
Author, Power Networking: 59 Secrets for Personal & Professional Success

“The techniques described in this book are so effective that I now keep an extra couple of books at my desk and in my briefcase to hand to professionals who should be building more robust networks to grow their business. That, by the way, may include me.”
—David Specht
Author, Lessons from the Window Seat: Achieving Shared Vision in the Workplace

“Perfecting Connecting works for everyone. Sarah Michel has the gift of using stories to teach and inspire action. When I finished reading the book I felt re-energized, inspired, and enthused to use her simple and proven strategies for networking (including my new seventeen-second intro!). I don’t know how she does it—I feel like I’ve just been in one of her uplifting sessions.”
—Marci Segal
Author, Creativity and Personality Type: Tools for Understanding and Inspiring the Many Voices of Personality

“Sarah Michel’s guide is a delight to read. She writes with energy and enthusiasm yet grounds it in her years of experience using these techniques. Connecting networking techniques to understanding the four temperaments makes sense and opens the door to networking for even the shyest person. Sarah shares sound advice that will help you in your relationships with others, both personally and professionally.”
—Dorothy A. Ruzicki
Director, Educational Services, at a large medical center


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