Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types and Career Mastery:
Living with Purpose and Working Effectively

Author: Charles R. Martin
Format: Booklet (Saddlestitch)
ISBN: 0-9712144-4-1
Publish Date: February 12, 2003
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The Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types and Career Mastery was written to help you bring the principles and practices of personal mastery to your career development. Career Mastery is about clarifying your purpose, honing your intent, finding and managing a career, and working effectively in any given job or role. Mastering your career means consciously engaging each of the Elements of Career Mastery‹five processes that are essential to discovering and building a career as well as enhancing your success and development in your current work role.

The activities in this book provide a framework for self-coaching by helping you uncover what you really want in your career and by providing insight into how your personality style influences your approach to the behavioral options represented by each of these essential career elements. Career Mastery and personal mastery are about waking up to a world that is more wondrous than can be confined to the habitual perceptions of your everyday personality. Wake up to that world and wake up to your power.


"For anyone serious about career exploration, Charles Martin provides an excellent set of probing and practical exercises for using one's psychological type preferences and personality characteristics in making career plans."
--Gordon Lawrence
author, People Types and Tiger Stripes

"How refreshing! A personality type book that focuses on understanding your type and how type affects how you plan your career (and how you perform in your career) rather than using type to 'plug in to the right career.' [Charles Martin] teaches the reader how to ask questions related to type. An excellent, easy-to-read book."
--Richard L. Knowdell
Executive Director, Career Planning and Adult Development Network

author, Building a Career Development Program: Nine Steps for Effective Implementation

"For some years I worked with the long-term unemployed, and I would have really appreciated access to both the model contained within this book and the detailed yet user-friendly supporting material. Charles Martin provides a comprehensive distance learning course in Career Mastery that I believe will help anyone wishing to start out in a career, advance, or change direction at whatever stage."
--Judy Allen
coauthor, Health Care Communication Using Personality Type: Patients Are Different!

"Charles Martin writes masterfully about personality and careers. I found the structure helpful and innovative and liked the focus on purpose: who am I and what should I do?"
--Peter Geyer
former editor, Australian Journal of Psychological Type

"In his practical and challenging approach, Martin wisely imbeds psychological type in the larger processes of career development and life management."
--Larry Demarest
author, Looking at Type in the Workplace and Out of Time: How the 16 Types Manage Their Time and Work

"Charles Martin's book inspires us to wake up to our potential. He stretches us to go beyond personality type and connect with our true essence, or Self. The five Elements of Career MasteryTM provide the path to unlock our potential and personality type gives us the keys to mastering the five elements. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a connection between the life journey and a more fulfilling career!"
--Ann B. Loomis
author, Write from the Start: Discover Your Writing Potential through the Power of Psychological Type

Table of Contents    

Introduction 1

What Is Career Mastery? 2

Applying the Elements of Career Mastery 5

The 16 Personality Types and Career Mastery 19

    ESTP--Promoter Executor 20
    ISTP--Analyzer Operator 21
    ESFP--Motivator Presenter 22
    ISFP--Producer Composer 23
    ESTJ--Implementor Supervisor 24
    ISTJ--Planner Inspector 25
    ESFJ--Facilitator Caretaker 26
    ISFJ--Protector Supporter 27
    ENTJ--Strategist Mobilizer 28
    INTJ--Conceptualizer Director 29
    ENTP--Explorer Inventor 30
    INTP--Designer Theorizer 31
    ENFJ--Envisioner Mentor 32
    INFJ--Foreseer Developer 33
    ENFP--Discoverer Advocate 34
    INFP--Harmonizer Clarifier 35

Tool for Career Mastery 36

References 56

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