Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Creativity:
A Psychological Understanding of Innovation

by Marci Segal
Format: Booklet (Saddlestitch)
Pages: 40
ISBN: 0-9712144-3-3
Publish Date: February 12, 2003
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The Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Creativity was written for you to easily access your natural creative abilities and to support their use in service of innovation. Innovation is the process by which ideas for new or improved products, processes or services are developed and commercialized in the marketplace. Innovation starts with creativity--using new ideas and new criteria to arrive at surprisingly relevant results. Innovation exists because of creativity.

To achieve innovation you need to tap the creativity of the people involved. Idea generating, idea selection, implementation strategies, and ultimately your innovative success depends on the people involved in each of these activities and how they perceive their capabilities to achieve breakthrough solutions. This booklet can be used to support your innovation process to; become more competitive, build customer loyalty, create confidence with investors, improve the quality of decisions, and enable all employees to be more effective.


"Marci Segal's ideas to help individuals and groups be more creative are right on the mark. This book will be so helpful to those who want to understand their unique approach to innovation."
--Sandra Krebs Hirsh
coauthor, Introduction to Type and Coaching: A Dynamic Guide for Individual Development

"A brilliant collection of ideas and practical methods to promote creativity, a Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Creativity is a 'must use' booklet for the professional seeking to promote innovation in organizations."
--Roger Pearman
President, CEO of Leadership Performance and
author, Hardwired Leadership: Unleashing Personality for the New Millenium Leader

"Marci's deep understanding of both creativity and temperament make this book a necessary tool for powerful change for individuals at any level of an organization. It has practical applications that can have a profound effect on both personal and organizational success."
--Linda V. Berens
Director, Temperament Research Institute
coauthor, Working Together: A Personality-Centered Approach to Management

"Marci Segal is a pioneer in linking the fields of creativity development and psychological type. In this easy to read format she shares the most useful insights from her exploration of these areas. Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Creativity is packed with easy-to-implement tools and information that can be immediately used to enhance creative ability."
--William J. Shephard
Director of Programs, Creative Education Foundation

"Marci has provided a tremendous service to the world community by causing us to consider the different manifestations of creativity."
--Bob McAlpine
President, Effectiveness Enhancement, Inc.
coauthor, Journey of Understanding: MBTI Interpretation Using the Eight Jungian Functions

"Creativity in the workplace is no longer a luxury, but a mandatory job skill to ensure survival. Marci's quick guide offers the reader a roadmap, complete with shortcuts, tips, and how-tos to help you discover your inner voice and how to awaken your organization to the unlimited possibilities of innovative thinking. Every trainer and facilitator who would like to differentiate themselves should be working with this guide."
--Sarah Michel
President, Pathways

Table of Contents    

What Is Innovation? 1

Understanding Creativity 2

More about Youč and Your Day-to-Day World 7

Finding Your Creative Motivations and Expression 14

Idea Generating 26

Tools 29

Desk Ditties 38

Frequently Asked Questions 39

References 40

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