Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types in Organizations:
Understanding Personality Differences in the Workplace

Contributors: (in alphabetical order) Linda V. Berens, Sue A. Cooper, Linda K. Ernst, Charles R. Martin, Steve Myers, Dario Nardi, Roger R. Pearman, Marci Segal, Melissa A. Smith
Format: Booklet (Saddlestitch)
Pages: 44
ISBN: 0-9712144-1-7
Publish Date: Jan 31, 2002
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The Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types in Organizations is written by leading experts in the theory of personality type and its applications. This booklet helps you develop your personal effectiveness within the workplace by providing two full pages of information about each of the sixteen personality types under the topics of Problem Solving, Leadership, Creativity, Teams, Stress, Learning, Career Mastery, and Personal Development. Also included is an appendix that will help you understand the eight MTR-i team roles.

The first page of each description includes information on understanding the specific personality type to help you shift perspectives to improve your relationships with others. The second page includes information on being that personality type to help you further your understanding of yourself. This format makes this booklet essential for employees in any organization who want to understand themselves better and work with others more effectively.


"The Quick Guide is masterfully concise for workshop use, yet rich with information for in-depth applications of type."
- Jane A.G. Kise
coauthor, Lifekeys: Discovering...Who You Are, Why You're Here, What You Do Best

"An invaluable handbook for developing individuals, teams, and organizations that covers fresh, new territory in a compact format."
- Eve Delunas
author, Survival Games Personalities Play

"Compact portrayals of each type are consolidated into a user-friendly format--a must for anyone working in or with organizations. The areas covered represent key components of organizational life as experienced by each type. Although the characterizations are concise, they are comprehensive and reflect the richness of type diversity."
- Margaret U. Fields
contributing author, Leadership, Type, and Culture: Perspectives from Across the Globe

"A wonderful collection of diverse thought that form one the most complete set of descriptions of psychological type's expression in organizations that I have ever read. The perfect reference for those who do organizational consulting or individual coaching."
- Mark S. Majors
President, True Type Testing

"It is good to see a book with descriptions of the 16 types that draws from the knowledge and data of many leaders in type theory. I think people reading this book will be inspired to live up to the potentials described and gain some tips on how to grow in areas of potential weaknesses."
- Margaret Hartzler
coauthor, Journey of Understanding: MBTI Interpretation Using the Eight Jungian Functions

"These type descriptions provide a comprehensive insight into how personality type manifests itself at work, whether in teams, leadership or career development. They will be an essential support to my work with organizations!"
- Susan Nash
author, Turning Team Performance Inside Out: Team Types and Temperament for High-Impact Results

"Excellent resource for organizations and teams written by leaders in the personality type community. Right on the mark with topics that are important in today's work environment."
- Leona Haas
author, Jung's Mental Processes: Building Blocks of Type

Table of Contents    

Introduction 1

Understanding Your Personality Type 4

ESTP--Promoter Executor 6
ISTP--Analyzer Operator 8
ESFP--Motivator Presenter 10
ISFP--Producer Composer 12
ESTJ--Implementor Supervisor 14
ISTJ--Planner Inspector 16
ESFJ--Facilitator Caretaker 18
ISFJ--Protector Supporter 20
ENTJ--Strategist Mobilizer 22
INTJ--Conceptualizer Director 24
ENTP--Explorer Inventor 26
INTP--Designer Theorizer 28
ENFJ--Envisioner Mentor 30
INFJ--Foreseer Developer 32
ENFP--Discoverer Advocate 34
INFP--Harmonizer Clarifier 36

MTR-iTM Team Roles 38

Organizing the 16 Types 40

About the Authors 42

References 44

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