Character and Personality Type:
Discovering Your Uniqueness For Career and Relationship Success

By Dario Nardi
Format: Paperback
Size: 8 1/2" X 11"
Pages: 76
ISBN: 0-9664624-6-7
Publish Date: Jan 1, 1999
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Part of the Understanding Yourself and Others® Series

Character and Personality Type will change the way you look at personality type and development. Contains Dr. Nardi's long awaited 64 character biographies-4 for each type with illustrations-gives you a new look at the differences within personality type.

from the back cover . . .
There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique and if you block it, it will never exist through any medium and will be lost . . . the world will not have it."
-Agnes De Mille

Just as there are many kinds of trees and soils for growth, so too are there many meanings of character-personality, life-themes and stories, and morals and ethics.

Like a tree, there is more to us than our external appearance. On the outside, a tree's bark gives the tree a sense of character, weathering the seasons of life. But there is more to the tree than its bark. On the inside, the tree's genetic blueprint gives the tree its potential and its instrinsic character. In the larger picture, the tree plays a role and serves a purpose within the larger system. The interplay between its intrinsic nature and role and purpose in its environment shows in the tree's bark. The bark is our uniqueness.

The self-discovery and personal self-leadership process outlined in this book is not about just making a one-time decision on a career, or "fixing" a current relationship. This book is designed to give you tools and some important organizing principles so that you can generate and maintain a life that offers sufficient choices, resources, and flexibility for you to respond to demands and opportunities over a lifetime.

This booklet provides the user with . . .

  • a brief overview of temperament
  • an introduction to Dr. Nardi's Life-Themes
  • an interactive process to help individuals discover differences within their same type.
  • worksheets to help individuals better understand themselves and others.
  • 64 Character Biographies with Cartoon Illustrations
  • a snapshot for each type pattern
  • appendices for a brief overview of the Essential Qualities of the 16 Type Patterns.
  • frequently asked questions with answers.
  • notes for the facilitator using the MBTI, MBTI Step II, and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII).


The booklet is useful to people who have gone through the temperament-type process as developed by the Temperament Research Institute. It is a resource booklet meant to be used by a facilitator leading a group or an individual through a career development process. It may help those who are still unsure of the Best Fit Type. This booklet goes beyond the usual way of looking at Type. It will be interesting to see how people respond to these very dynamic descriptions.
--Jack Falt

Table of Contents    

A Word from the Author iv
Why? 1
Discovering Your Uniqueness 2
Using Your Experiences 4
Temperament-Your Compass for Discovery 5
Spheres of Life 9
Finding Balance 18
Patterns in Personality 19
The Biographies

    Promoter Executor ESTP 22
    Analyzer Operator ISTP 24
    Motivator Presenter ESFP 26
    Composer Producer ISFP 28
    Implementor Supervisor ESTJ 30
    Planner Inspector ISTJ 32
    Facilitator Caretaker ESFJ 34
    Protector Supporter ISFJ 36
    Strategist Mobilizer ENTJ 38
    Conceptualizer Director INTJ 40
    Explorer Inventor ENTP 42
    Designer Theorizer INTP 44
    Envisioner Mentor ENFJ 46
    Foreseer Developer INFJ 48
    Discoverer Advocate ENFP 50
    Harmonizer Clarifier INFP 52

Flavors of Type 54
Tests of Character 56
Developing All Aspects of Your Type 60
John's Journey 62
The Journey Continues 63
Locating Yourself on Your Career Map 64
Four Steps to Career Success 65
Locating Yourself on Your Relationship Map 66
Keys to Relationship Success 67
Rewriting Your Future 68
Appendix A: Essential Qualities of the Patterns 70
Appendix B: Questions and Answers 74
Appendix C: For the Facilitator 75
Appendix D: References 76

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