A Dolphin Up A Tree!
by Kimberly Foster
Format: Hardback
Pages: 30
ISBN: 0-9664624-3-2
Publish Date: Nov 14, 2002
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New Children's Book Uses 4 Temperament Metaphors--Fox, Beaver, Dolphin, and Owl --to teach children about individual differences

It's a magic day for Tina and her animals!

Tina loves her stuffed animals and feels upset when her baby brother throws them around. To escape, she casts a magic spell. Her stuffed animals spring to life but her brother is an even bigger baby and Dolphin is up a tree! How will the animals learn to work together and get Dolphin out of the tree? Owl thinks she should fly down. Fox thinks Dolphin should walk. And Beaver is busy building a wooden wagon to escape Tina's giant brother. See the animals and Tina learn to understand their differences, even appreciate them.


"Kimberly Foster has created a world for children which radiates as much magic as The Hundred Acre Wood."
--Bruce Talkington
Double Emmy Award winning animation writer and author of numerous children's books including Disney's Winnie the Pooh's Christmas.

"A Dolphin Up a Tree! conveys an important message of cooperation, a recognition of one's own talents and abilities, and an appreciation of the differences in others."
--Joel Stone
New York City Educator

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